Notes from the Dustbin of the Zodiac

I’m a Pisces. There are twelve signs of the Zodiac, so you have an 11-1 chance of escaping being born under Pisces. I am one of the 1 in 12 people who got stuck. Being a Pisces isn’t easy. Our sign has been described as “the dustbin of the Zodiac.” In other words, the other signs … Continue reading

Horoscope of Painful Truth, Love Edition

ARIES: That person whose car you deliberately ram into today because she/he cuts you off in traffic was supposed to be the one true love of your life. That will never happen now, because he/she will hate your guts and sue you down to your underwear. TAURUS: That hot new employee in Accounting … Continue reading

Now THIS is a Horoscope!

The horoscopes we see in newspapers and magazines are always flattering to people, no matter what sign of the Zodiac they were born under. In an effort to correct that gross misrepresentation, I present The Horoscope of Painful Truth: TODAY ARIES: Your usual habit of charging ahead with … Continue reading