Toasted Rice and Bean Burrito

Mexican Entree TOASTED RICE-AND-BEAN BURRITO INGREDIENTS ¼ medium onion½ red bell pepper1 avocado¾ cup rice1½ cups water1 15-ounce cans pinto beans with jalapeno peppers1 7-ounce can diced tomatoes2 ounces Cotija cheese¼ cup sour cream¼ teaspoon […]

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Meatball Soup and Where Babies Come From


Azerbaijani Soup KUFTE BOZBASH (Meatball Soup) INGREDIENTS 1 medium onion 1 pound ground lamb. beef, or combination 2½ tablespoons rice 2 teaspoons mint ¼ teaspoon pepper (¼ more teaspoon later) 1 teaspoon salt (½ more […]

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