Squid Ink Spaghetti And Golden Ages

Italian Entree SQUID INK SPAGHETTI INGREDIENTS 10 ounces squid-ink spaghetti* 4 garlic cloves 3 Roma tomatoes 2 tablespoons fresh basil ½ cup fresh parsley ¼ cup olive oil 6 ounces nduja** ½ cup white wine […]

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Shrimp in Garlic Butter


Mexican Entree SHRIMP IN GARLIC BUTTER INGREDIENTS 4 garlic cloves 6 tablespoons butter ¼ cup lime juice 1½ pounds jumbo shrimp peeled, deveined 4 small flour tortillas 2 tablespoons fresh cilantro (optional) Serves 4. Takes […]

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Root Beer Pulled Pork Sandwiches and August 6: Day of Death, Day of Root Beer Floats

American Entree ROOT BEER PULLED PORK SANDWICHES INGREDIENTS 2 garlic cloves 1 onion 2 pounds pork sirloin or tenderloin 1/2 teaspoon chili powder 1/4 teaspoon pepper 1/4 teaspoon salt 2 ounces liquid smoke 1 can […]

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