Qurotob (Bread Salad) and the Complete History of Life

Tajik Entree QUROTOB (Bread Salad) INGREDIENTS – SALAD 2 pita loaves 1½ tablespoons olive oil (1½ more tablespoons later) 1 onion 2 green onions 1½ tablespoons olive oil 2 cups Greek yogurt ½ cup hot […]

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Bulgarian Yogurt Drink and How to Become a God


Bulgarian Dessert AYRAN (yogurt drink) INGREDIENTS 3½ cups Bulgarian or plain yogurt 2½ cups water ½ teaspoon salt PREPARATION Add yogurt to large bowl. Beat yogurt with whisk or electric blender set on medium until […]

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Syrupy Egg Puffs, Bikinis, and Blockhead Llamas

Brazilian Dessert PAPO DE ANJO (syrupy egg puffs) INGREDIENTS 1 cup water 1 cinnamon stick 3 cloves 1¾ cups confectioner’s sugar ½ teaspoon vanilla extract 9 egg yolks 1 egg white no-stick spray 1 tablespoon […]

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