Tomato Bread and First World Vampiric Problems

Andorran Appetizer PA AMB TOMÀQUET (Tomato Bread) INGREDIENTS 4″ baguette or crusty Italian bread 4 garlic cloves 4 big, ripe tomatoes 8 teaspoons olive oil (1 teaspoon per slice) ¼ teaspoon pepper ¼ teaspoon salt […]

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Humor Meets Horror – Presidential debate gets ugly, not in good way

By Werewolf Blitzer Staff Pol-“IT”-ical Writer They all shook hands and/or claws before the debate last night, and then the five remaining candidates running for Transyl-vein-ia President got to it. Transyl-vein-ians were disgusted. As in […]

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Cuban Ropa Vieja and Vicious Onions


Cuban Entree ROPA VIEJA INGREDIENTS 2 pounds flank steak ½ teaspoon salt 1 Roma tomato (1 additional later) 1 large onion 1 green bell pepper 3 garlic cloves 1 Roma tomato 3 tablespoons olive oil […]

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