Pabellón Criollo and the Real Discovery of America

Venezuelan Entree PABELLÓN CRIOLLO INGREDIENTS – PULLED MEAT 3 garlic cloves (2 more cloves later) 1 medium onion 1 tomato 2 pounds flank steak 1 bay leaf ¼ teaspoon cumin (¼ teaspoon more later) 1 […]

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Orange Beef and Giant, Carnivorous Beavers


Chinese Entree ORANGE BEEF INGREDIENTS 1 orange (Keep peel) 12 ounces flank steak 2 teaspoons cornstarch 1 egg white 1 tablespoon rice wine (sometimes called mirin) or pale sherry 1⅓ cups white rice 1″ fresh […]

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Grilled Ham and Dill Havarti Sandwiches and the Discovery of America

Fusion Entree GRILLED HAM AND DILL HAVARTI  SANDWICH INGREDIENTS 6 tablespoons butter 8 slices of your favorite bread 1 pound slice deli ham 6 ounces dill Havarti cheese PREPARATION Cut butter into 4 equal pieces […]

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