Brazilian Stew and the Spanish Inquisition


Brazilian Entree XIN XIM (chicken and shrimp stew) INGREDIENTS 3 garlic cloves ⅓ cup lime juice 2 tablespoons olive oil (2 more tablespoons later) ½ teaspoon pepper 1 teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons olive oil 1½ […]

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Unicorn Bites 8/8/14

Wife: I think I’m a very forgiving person Me: You stabbed me over paint Wife: Next time learn the difference between eggshell & off white. — Exploding Unicorn (@XplodingUnicorn) August 8, 2014 [4-year-old daughter talks […]

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Unicorn Bites 12/26/13

Me: Where’s Ken? 3-year-old daughter: He broke up with Barbie. Then a T. rex ate him. I pity any boy who ever dates my little girl. — James Breakwell, Exploding Unicorn (@XplodingUnicorn) December 26, 2013 […]

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