Pan Fried Meat and the First Hunters

South Sudanese Entree SHAIYAH(Pan fried meat) INGREDIENTS 2½ pounds lamb, beef, or goat2 cups water.¾ red onion (¼ red onion more later)2 stalks celery4 garlic cloves1 jalapeno pepper or red chile pepper1 bay leaf½ teaspoon […]

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Bad Advice Friday, 5-12-17

Oh my gosh. It’s Friday already. Did you know there’s one every week? So, I shall once more be dispensing bad advice As usual, the advice will stupendously bad. ************************ JW asks: Should I really […]

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Bun Cha, Man Buns, and the Cuban Missile Crisis


Vietnamese Entree BUN CHA INGREDIENTS 2 shallots 5 tablespoons fish sauce or oyster sauce or soy sauce (3 more tablespoons later) ¾ teaspoon pepper 2 tablespoons sugar (2 more tablespoons later) 1 pound thinly sliced […]

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