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“Obama and Trump Have Seen Satellite Photos of Uranus” “Governor Albondigas Legalizes Open Carry For Dogs” “Governor Burger Cuts Funding For Accordion Classes” Hot, even incendiary headlines you betcha. Ones that make you angry, make […]

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Honduran Nacatamales and Those European Wars

Honduran Entree NACATAMALES INGREDIENTS – DOUGH 6 cups masa harina or corn flour 1 cup lard, shortening, or butter 1 teaspoon salt (1 more teaspoon later) 3 tablespoons orange juice 5 tablespoons lime juice 4 […]

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Belgian Apple Fritters and World Peace

Belgian Dessert APPLE FRITTERS INGREDIENTS 2⅓ cups flour 16 ounces beer 5 large apples 4 cups vegetable oil (or enough to cover apple slices) ½ cup confectionery sugar 1 tablespoon lemon juice SPECIAL UTENSIL electric […]

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